Promote peaceful sleep with a soft, gentle embrace that mimics the familiar and cozy feeling of being in the womb

Made from imported Swiss muslin yarn that is elegantly soft, strikingly lightweight, and remarkably breathable

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Londyn Lush

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  • Ashley ( July 25, 2023 )

    “The MOST softest muslin blanket. Lightweight, yet still keeps my baby warm during naps, sleeps, and car rides!”

  • Nancy M. ( June 22, 2023 )

    “First time buy on this one, double thick traditional cotton swaddle. I love how it is super thick but also still breaths beautifully. Love love love the color! Exactly as pictured!”

  • Nataliya P. ( July 7, 2023 )

    “Super cute and long and the color is perfect”

  • Lexy W. ( July 18, 2023 )

    “Super great quality and very cute!”

  • Kaile E. ( June 26, 2023 )

    “Delivered on time and perfectly as ordered! 10/10 recommend!”

  • Leslie T. ( August 6, 2023 )

    “Love this swaddle. Beautiful colors! About to order more!”

  • Jackie P. ( July 31, 2023 )

    “Exactly as described, beautiful swaddle!”

  • Jacy C. ( July 26, 2023 )

    “This blanket is so soft and has a beautiful color.”

  • Jen R. ( July 26, 2023 )

    “So soft and comfy, I wish they made them for adults. I bought it for a gift.”

  • Misty W. ( July 15, 2023 )

    “Great quality, beautiful colors, quick shipping!”

Peacefully promotes sound sleep

This soft Swiss muslin fabric can help newborns sleep more soundly and for longer periods. The snug wrap of the swaddle mimics the feeling of being in the womb, which provides comfort and a sense of security. By preventing the baby's startle reflex and minimizing involuntary movements, this soft swaddle encourages restful sleep and helps babies stay asleep through lighter sleep cycles.

Gently soothes and comforts

The gentle pressure of this soft swaddle blanket can have a soothing effect on your little one. It creates a cozy and snug environment that can calm and comfort them, making them feel safe and secure. The softness of the blanket against their skin adds an extra layer of comfort, helping them relax and reduce their overall stress levels.

Reduces risk of overheating

The highly breathable fabric allows excess heat to dissipate while still providing a layer of warmth, which helps prevent fluctuations in temperature that could lead to overheating; making it suitable for various climates and weather conditions.

Encourages optimal hip positioning

Babies naturally have a preference for a slightly frog-like leg position, with their knees bent and hips spread apart. Your little one can move their legs and hips more naturally within this swaddle, which helps prevent conditions like hip dysplasia; this contributes to a higher level of overall contentment and promotes healthy hip development.

Conveniently replaces multiple diaper bag items

Burp cloth

Surprisingly absorbent for the times when you don't have your regular burp cloth handy.


The Swiss muslin allows for better airflow and reduces the risk of the baby becoming uncomfortably hot. This can contribute to a more pleasant experience for both you and your little one, whether it's during strolls, outdoor play, or car rides.

Bath towel

Whenever your regular bath towel is not accessible you can use this swaddle to dry and warm your little one.

Nursing cover

Keeps you cooler than other blankets because its light and breathable.

It’s light enough that the light can still filter through the material in order to see underneath to help baby to latch

Changing pad

Incredibly convenient and portable so you always have a hassle-free way to change baby on a clean, germ-free, surface even on the go.

Pumping cover

Keeps you cooler than other blankets because its light and breathable.

Blanket for tummy time

Provides a comfortable and supportive surface for tummy time. This comfort encourages babies to engage in tummy time for longer periods, supporting their muscle development and motor skill progress.

Car seat cover

The breathable nature of the Swiss muslin fabric ensures proper airflow and ventilation within the car seat. This helps prevent overheating, which can be a concern during hot weather. The cover's breathable fabric allows fresh air to circulate, maintaining a comfortable temperature for the baby while in the car seat.

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Here is my “zero-risk, zero-stress, 100% certainty, your hard-earned money won’t be wasted” guarantee to you:

I have 100% confidence that you and your little one will fall in love with these swaddles. If for some wild and rare reason you aren't absolutely delighted with your purchase I will give you all your money back up to 180 days after your purchase! Simply send me an email at and I'll take care of everything for you. I'll promptly process a refund for the full purchase price, which will be promptly credited back to your original payment method. Your satisfaction is my utmost priority!