Blackberry Moments

Little Lucas was running the bases as fast as his 9-year-old legs could carry him.
There wasn't a single fan at the game that wasn't cheering at the top of their lungs.
After a little encouragement from coach, the little outfielders from the opposing team ran after the ball with such determination and speed that their little feet almost popped right out of their baseball cleats.
They came to the outfield fence and climbed like their entire future depended on it.
The coaches watched, admiring the hustle, as the two little outfielders disappeared from view into the bushes that surrounded the park in search for the game ball.
Thirty seconds had passed and the little outfielders still had not returned with the ball.
One minute.
Two minutes.
Still no sign of the two outfielders or the ball.
With a little concern, the coaches walked purposefully over to the bushes where the boys and the ball disappeared from view.
As the coaches got closer they found the ball sitting on the ground in plain sight.
The coaches were puzzled. 
They said to each other, "The boys must have walked right over this ball; do you think they just didn't see it?"
Almost immediately they discovered the boys about ten feet away from where the ball was sitting.
The boys were sitting on the ground eating ripe, juicy, blackberries from a blackberry bush.
I'm sure before the game many of the parents gave those little nine year olds a pep talk that sounded something like this.
"This is a big game. You gotta focus in. You gotta want it. You gotta win."
Well, when those boys discovered those blackberries they had an entirely different idea.
"Man, blackberries! Heck with the game. Blackberries!"
So many times in our life we have such high expectations for ourselves.
We gotta focus in. We gotta want it. We gotta win!
Sometimes we've got to be able to step away from the game / life and appreciate the blackberry moments.
Those little moments; those unscripted moments that make your life unpredictable, that make your life extraordinary.
The "game" is important and the expectations keep us motivated.
But the blackberry moments, those little opportunities to step away from the game, make our lives extraordinary!
Don't be too focused, too busy, or too determined to "win", to enjoy the blackberry moments.
This is a true story. If you want to hear the story directly from one of the teammates who was on the field that day ( who also became a world-renowned celebrity ) then you can see it on this YouTube clip.
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